Scott Coppersmith

Scott Coppersmith Designs is a modern home furnishings design and building company based in Ventura, CA where everything is handmade by Scott.  19 years of building and designing furniture, hundreds of homes, and over a million square feet of commercial space has culminated with a personal goal of publicly sharing what he makes for his and his friend's homes.

As 2/3 of America's landfills are filled with construction trash, almost all of SCD's products are "upcycled" by creating something new out of something old.  Scott Coppersmith Designs is committed to giving your house quality accents as well as actualizing green products and jobs.

Check back frequently as my lab generates new ideas daily.  Commissions are always welcome.


contact: 8058047792


This and most photos on my site were taken by the incomparably awesome Mariana Schulze