My Sixth Customer Was a Supermodel August 11 2013

     I started this business with $18, a giant stack of rejected drawings, and 6 I liked.  Through several lucky turns of fate I found markets and customers I'll be forever grateful for. 

     At my second market, I sold my sixth and seventh piece to a beautiful woman and her sister's boyfriend.  She was with her family and was as humble and sweet as she was stunning so it wasn't until later that I realized that this woman was Jessica Hart; supermodel for Victoria Secret et al.  She softly mentioned in her Aussie accent just before leaving that "Vogue is doing a shoot in my flat in NYC next week if you can get it there by then I'll get in it in some of the shots."

    I shipped it the next day in a makeshift box I skipped my day job to make.  A month later I received an email from Miss Hart with a link and her confession that they decided to move residences so they down-distributed the shoot to Esquire until her place is totally set up and Vogue-worthy. Below are shots and a video from the link.




The joy I have felt from that exposure is the eternal mood here and I am deeply humbled at every success and step.  Experiences like that are fortunately so frequent and have created so much inertia that things today are completely unstoppable.  My deepest gratitude to Miss Hart and her wonderful family.